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Hey! My name is Jonathan Zaharek.

Whether you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, or just discovered me, you might be able to tell that I love the Adirondacks! I love them so much that I moved my entire life here for these mountains. My great-grandmother vacationed here in the 1920's, which eventually lead, through tradition, my family bringing me up here every summer.

Once I discovered my love for photography and the outdoors in 2013, I immediately started photographing these mountains. Throughout the years, my passion and love manifested exponentially for this place. I have traveled to every state nearly three times and to 30 different countries, yet I have never found a place as amazing as the Adirondacks.

At this moment, I am a six-time 46er, 2x Winter 46er, and professional guide in the High Peaks. I also showcase my work in the Main Street LPCA Gallery, Gallery 46! If you would like to see my work in person too, check it out while you're in town. Thank you for taking the time to check out my website.

Please help me continue this adventure for many years to come by buying a photo or two!

Please be a part of my daily life through my Instagram, @jonathanzphotography_, and see new photos as I take them. I also have a vlogging channel on YouTube:

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